Mickael and Noriko Casol, 2018

Mickaël Casol


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Valentina and Noriko Casol, 2018

Noriko Emen-Casol

International Relations

As a board director at Casol, Noriko Emen-Casol is an ambassador playing the very important role of International Relations. Trusted worldwide for her work at the BCF Law Firm in Montreal, Canada, Noriko also brings a wealth of experience, including work in TV, radio, entertainment, event management, first class client service and fashion. With a passion for acting, music and dancing that dates back to the 1980s, Noriko first appeared in the Telenovela "Tiempo Para Amar" and the "Sabados Con Martinez Blanco" TV Show at the age of 6! Born in Panama, Noriko previously worked for the embassy of Panama, speaks English, French and Spanish, is the wife of Mickaël Casol, and lucky mother of Valentina!

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Noriko, Valentina and Mickael Casol, Cinemania, 2022

Valentina Casol

Ambassador for the Kids

Valentina Casol, now 11 years old, has been involved from day 1 in the growth of the company! From kid friendly apartments, villas and ski chalets, to products and media campaigns, Valentina makes sure the properties are safe, and possess all the fun things to have such as toys and children playgrounds! Valentina loves to swim, sing, dance and eat chocolate macarons!

Maryse Casol, artist painter, 2021

Maryse Casol


With a career in travel of over 4 decades since the 1980s, taking care of complex voyages on the 7 seas and continents for over 100,000 guests, Maryse Casol is also one of the greatest artists of the XXth and XXIst century! Famous for giving you summer all year around, Maryse Casol liberates you in a constant Joie de Vivre, with vibrant colours, exotic landscapes, blazing still lives and neo-abstract paintings, inspired by her numerous journeys around the world!

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