The Chartreuse at Cos d'Estournel

Vacations in Bordeaux?

Explore the region of Bordeaux in the South-West of France, your perfect getaway to embrace nature, learn the art of wine making, relax in your property, enjoy French gastronomy and discover the secret and magical nearby destinations such as the Arcachon Bay, the chic Plage de Royan and the history rich town of Libourne, place of birth of French / Italian explorer and artist Maryse Casol!

Carré Casol

Mademoiselle is voyaging to France? Offer yourself a Carré Casol, perfect to be warm on the plane, on the yacht, or for your chic soirées in town.


Mario, Edith and Maryse Casol, 1950s

Mario, Édith and their daughter Maryse Casol at the family land in Montguyon, France. For many centuries, the family produced wine sold in Bordeaux, but also delicious milk loved by the children, fresh fruits and vegetables!

What will be your Story?

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Desire more Pleasure?

Villa Bayview, French Riviera

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Mickaël Casol, Swimming Pool

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