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Want the Casol Team to Work for You?

What is your dream and what do you want to build? Reach your goals, deadlines and the success that you wish with Casol! From business strategies, to photos and videos creation, story writing and text translations, website building, ecommerce, email marketing, social media marketing, public speaking, print making, business development, management, training, engineers, technology experts, sponsorships to events organisation, it will be our honour at Casol to put our own team of professionals working for you!

Use over 40 years of Casol international business experience, Simply buy the number of hours that you need or contact us to discuss your project!

My Business by Casol
1 hour sessions of work. Taxes included. Not Reimbursable. Credits are valid for 12 months. Cancellations will be charged in full.

Villa La Vigie, Monaco

Need a Private Property for Your Business?

Need a villa to shoot a film, as your company HQ during summer, for your next marketing campaign, product launch, private dinner, as a business retreat for your executives or to take care of your important clients during an event such as the Paris Fashion Week, Monaco F1 Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival or Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show in Ramatuelle? Book now your luxury property with Casol!

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Business Gifts?

Need a business gift for an important client, for your team or to take care of yourself because you deserve it? Shop now on for all your exclusive gifts!

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