Mickaël Casol Club Sportif

Be healthy with your Casol in villa sports services and outdoor activities that include champion trainers, swimming instructors, tennis, chefs, and massage therapists. Started in 2002 by Mickaël Casol, Canadian Thai Boxing Champion 2006, your club has been from day one the best way to get fit, strong, and to make new friends!


The Ritual

Martial arts outdoor training all year around at Bassin Peel in Griffintown, combined with music and a cool chic!

The Program

Get fit, have fun, and learn lethal skills! Jogging, sprints, shadow boxing, thai boxing drills, pads, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, stretch, waterfront positive meditation, and celebration at the end with a Spartan apple!

Saturdays 11am
Confirmation: +1.514.947.6153 / info@casolvillasfrance.com


Villa Ginger, St-Barth

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