Mickaël Casol Club Sportif

Griffintown, Montreal Martial Arts School

Be healthy, have confidence and learn new techniques with your Mickaël Casol martial arts classes at the Bassin Peel in Griffintown, downtown Montreal! Started in 2002 by Mickaël Casol, Canadian Thai Boxing Champion 2006, your club has been from day one the best way to be healthy, strong, and to make new friends! Come today at your Mickaël Casol Club Sportif for the best training of your life that includes the latest cool music and a good juice, hot chocolate or espresso at the end to celebrate your success!

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Private Classes


My Ritual

What is your goal? For men, women and children, at every ages, practice martial arts outdoor all year around, or in your indoor gym, in Montreal, combined with music and a cool chic! Be free, enjoy the space nearest to your home or office, including the Mont-Royal, the Bassin Peel in Griffintown, Old Montreal, Parc de Dieppe, Ile Sainte-Hélène, Ile Notre-Dame, Atwater Market, the Westmount Park, King George Park, Ile des Soeurs or Park René-Lévesque!

My Program

What do you want to learn today? Get fit, have fun, and learn lethal skills! Build your confidence with jogging, sprints, shadow boxing, thai boxing drills, pads, self-defense techniques, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, stretch, waterfront or forest positive meditation, and celebration at the end with a healthy juice, hot chocolate or espresso!

Mickael Casol, Tristar Gym Champions, 2006

My Master

What is important for you? Your health as the number 1 priority, your classes are always secure, supervised by your master Mickaël Casol, Canadian Thai Boxing Champion 2006, who taught to over 1,000 students in the last 20 years, from young children, to teenagers, adults, to men and women in their 60s.

Learn how to be a champion inside and outside your sports practice, and test your skills outside in the heat or in the cold : Mickaël Casol

Founder of CASOL, Mickaël holds a business degree from HEC Montreal, with studies in music, theatre and cinema, was a fighter for 10 years at Tristar Gym on the National MMA team amongs Georges St-Pierre and David Loiseau and has been invited multiple times as a judge, MC and referee during Muay Thai fights : converting all that knowledge and experience into lessons to help you grow and aim for excellence.

With the deep belief that a strong life has to be balanced between sports, business, arts, self-respect, learning, family, friends and community, Mickaël Casol is a proud husband and father, was on the Board of Directors at Desjardins from 2005 to 2014, fought to raise funds for charity on many occasions including once at the MAA Club Sportif, worked as a private security guard in the 90s, appeared in multiple films, TV shows, magazines and a music album, ran until today over 25,000 km, biked over 22,000 km and swam over 1,000 km in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Venezuela, the Cayman Islands, France, Greece, Spain and Dubai and had the honour to learn martial arts since the age of 4 in 1983, from legendary grand masters such as Say Moinsourath, Peter Sisomphou, Angelo Exarhakos, Sylvain Gagnon, Nam Anh, Hiroshi Nakamura, and his father Luc, a Canada Border officer and military historian.

Come improve yourself today at the Mickaël Casol Club Sportif!

Group Classes at Bassin Peel
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6pm

Little Lions - Kids Classes at Bassin Peel
Saturdays 10am

Private Classes
Contact Casol now to schedule your time.

Worldwide weekly or weekend training camps outdoor or in your villa available.

Confirmation: +1.514.947.6153 / info@casolvillasfrance.com

My Classes
1 hour sessions. Price per person. Taxes included. Not Reimbursable. Cancellations will be charged in full.

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