Gentlemen: David Lopera, Jossef Hennessy, Mickael Casol, 2001


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Download, stream or use now in your social medias the love stories of the music group Gentlemen by Mickaël Casol, David Lopera and Jossef Hennessy, produced from 1998-2001 with legendary producer Antonio DiVerdis of Evolution Records!

Perfect to dance, or to experience romantic moments, travel back in time in the 90s and early 2000s, with Gentlemen’s Pop / RnB music! Best described as a soulful compilation of songs with addictive beats, ear-catching lyrics and harmonious melodies, the album was published in 2002, with raps featuring James Enrique! Songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo Simeone and Paolo Montecinos at Unison Studios in Montreal, Canada.

To Celebrate the New Year of 2000, Gentlemen with some friends drove all the way from Montreal to Miami and then took a cruise ship around the Caribbean where they sang under the stars!

With multiple appearances in films and TV shows, such as the popular TV show Big Wolf on Campus in 2002, seen by over 100,000,000 people in the USA, Canada and Europe, the music of David, Jossef and Mickael was first distributed that same year in Latin America with Codiscos! Mickael Casol, also in 2002, went to Greece, Spain, France and Italy to do a promo tour of the album. It is that year in 2002 that Mickaël Casol founded his company CASOL after launching the album. In 2010, Gentlemen was finally distributed with CD Baby worldwide to all the streaming platforms!

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1. Intro - This Is My Life

2. Say You Gonna Be There

3. 2 Young 2 Believe

4. Your Loves Been Calling Me

5. Help Me Now

6. Sweet Lady feat James Enrique

7. You Are My Life

8. Nobody Else

9. Tell Me

10. For A Girl Like That

11. Why Do We Fall in Love

12. Even If

13. Come My Way

14. Sweet Lady Remix

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Enjoy now the music of Gentlemen : Mickaël Casol, David Lopera and Jossef Hennessy, three very talented young men from Montreal whose voices blend harmoniously to create for you a vibrant and cool sound! Their style is an even blend of R&B and Pop interpreted with vocal passion and delivered with heartfelt emotion. In addition to being performers and able to play various instruments, they can also arrange and write music, melodies and lyrics. Their style of Pop R&B with very catchy lines and soulful melodies reflects the variety of artists that influenced their musical tastes such as the Gypsy Kings, Boyz II Men and Jodeci. Though inspired by the different genre of musical styles, Gentlemen has managed to create an exciting sound and style of their own. Adding to their international appeal is the fact that they are able to speak and sing in English, French, and Spanish. Gentlemen’s music can best be described as a soulful compilation of addictive beats with ear-catching lyrics and harmonious melodies!

Photo: Karine LaRocque, 2001


1. Intro : This Is My Life
Composed by Mickaël Casol and Paolo Montecinos.

Mickaël Casol talking :

This is my life
Sweet lady
Your love’s been calling me
And even if you love will keep us alive
Tell me what you want
Give me one more night
This is my life

Girl talking : (Karine Larocque)


Mickaël Casol, Jossef Hennessy and David Lopera Harmony :
Darling, this is my life

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