Mickael Casol and Noriko Emen, Sofitel Montreal, 2018

Mickaël Casol

Mickaël Casol is the President at CASOL. Offering you a rich experience of more than 40 years in business, arts, sports, fashion, technology, community and voyages around the world, combined with a business degree from HEC Montreal and studies in music, theater and cinema, Mickaël founded CasolVillasFrance.com in 2010 to welcome you to France, country where he had legendary holidays since childhood with his family and friends.

Villa Canoubwest, Saint-Tropez, French Riviera, France

"From the grandiose city of Paris, to the sun, infinite blue sea & sky, amazing beaches, friendly people, palm trees and delicious food of the South of France, are moments you will never forget!"

2007 - 2008

A few years later, this destiny would lead Mickaël Casol to travel to France for business, for the creation of le Carré Casol in Lyon (2008), the visit of banks in Paris and Strasbourg with Desjardins, and the promotion of the Maryse Casol paintings on the French Riviera (2007)!


The World

A vision on the future, growth, opportunities and more adventures led to welcoming you to other destinations such as Saint-Barth, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, the Bahamas and the Maldives! Including partnerships with LVMH for exclusive hotels, worldwide flights with Air France , VistaJet for private planes, and Edmiston for the luxury superyachts.

Thank you to the Casol loyal guests, partners and all staff, the business was also successfully built using over 70 years of family history and experience.

Paris Luxury Apartment for Rent, France

"I was just 4 weeks old when I flew for the first time with my parents on the wings of Air France, to visit my grand parents at the family home near Bordeaux, it stayed with me forever since."

1986, Mickaël Casol, his brother Nicolas, their parents and grand parents, visit the North of Spain.

Sports, Arts and Community

Results oriented, Mickaël Casol was board director at the financial institution Desjardins from 2005 to 2014, where the entire movement achieved a growth of over $250 Billion in assets.

A strong believer in the values of the sports, Mr. Casol has been swimming, biking, skiing, and practicing martial arts since the age of 4, winning the 2006 Canadian ThaiBoxing Championship, teaching martial arts, coaching athletes for combat and being invited during many tournements as a referee, judge and host. At 25 years old, Mickael became friends with real estate developer M. Sam Benatar, with who he had the honour to start jogging at the mountain.

David Lopera, Jossef Hennessy, Mickael Casol : Gentlemen


As an artist, Mickaël Casol was featured in films along actors such as Jean Claude Van Damme (The Quest, Universal Pictures) and Ophélie Winter (2001: A Space Travesty, Cinevent, Helkon Media), on the Big Wolf on Campus TV Show (YTV, Fox, ABC, BBC...), appeared in the Playboy Magazine Greece in August 2002, made music and performed live with the group Gentlemen by legendary producer Antonio DiVerdis (1998-2002, Evolution Records), as a solo artist from 1995-1998 and danced on the Bouge de Là TV show (1996-1997, Astral Media)!

Mickael Casol, La Piscine, 2015


As a businessman, Mickaël Casol founded CASOL, first as your Casol Club Sportif in 2002, then the Casol Gallery in 2004, to multiple products and services to serve you in the following years.

Mr. Mickaël Casol will be happy to serve you in English, French or Spanish.

Mickaël lives in Europe and the Americas, with his wife Noriko and their daughter Valentina.

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