Thank you for your visit, however, we do not represent villas in Eze for the moment, Discover more amazing villas on the Cote d'Azur near Eze sur Mer such as Villefranche sur Mer or St-Jean Cap Ferrat!

Vacations in Èze?

Explore Eze, a small medieval-chic village in the South of France, located between Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat and the Principality of Monaco! Enjoy amazing sea views and discover the French Riviera: Drive on La Grande Corniche, visit the hilltop church, taste fresh local products, buy a new perfume chez les artisans of Eze Village, hike in the botanical gardens, or simply swim at the nearby beaches...

Mademoiselle is going to the French Riviera? Offer yourself a Carré Casol for your chic soirées in town or beach escapades.

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Villa Bayview, French Riviera

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Famille Casol et Barlaam, Plage de Royan, Gironde, France, 1986

Nicolas and Mickaël Casol spend the summer in France at their grand-parents in 1986!

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Villa Bayview, French Riviera, France

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