Fado Romantique

$195 USD

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• Twill 14 Silk Scarf
• 90 cm x 90 cm - 35" x 35"
• Made in France
• Hand rolled
• White canvas gift box
• Hand signed thank you note
• Includes taxes
• Free shipping when you buy over $300 USD

The perfect gift for a chic woman who loves music? Symbol of the French art de vivre, buy now her Casol silk scarf Fado Romantique made by French contemporary artist Maryse Casol! Amazing for that special evening, or elegant breakfast at the restaurant, every women love to receive their Casol silk scarf as an object of your love! Give it to your daughter to teach her class!

Made in Lyon, France by Brochier Soieries, the silk leading firm around the world since 1890. Brochier Soieries were the first ones to work with famous artists such as Dufy, Picasso and Klimt on silk scarf collections.

Photos : Daniel Charpentier, Noriko Emen, Mickaël Casol, Denis Boisvert

Tel : +1.514.947.6153

Email: info@casolvillasfrance.com

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