Men White Tshirt with the Mickaël Casol Lion Printed in Red Vinyl

$300 USD

• White Ima-Gine 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex Solid
• Casol Lion Printed in Red Vinyl with a Wax Protection
• Made in house in Montreal, Canada by a team of fashion artisans
• Wash machine inverted to protect logo
• Dry on plastic hanger and not in machine to keep high quality
• Delivery within 7 days
• Includes taxes
• Free shipping when you buy over $300 USD

My Casol Tshirt

The perfect gift for him? Need a white tshirt for your work, to go out or for your sport? Shop now for your Men White Tshirt with the Mickaël Casol Lion Printed in Red Vinyl on !

The men essential fashion must have? Explore the world with Casol! Chic, light and comfortable, your tshirts are made with eco-friendly cotton in house in Montreal, Canada by your Casol team of fashion artisans!

Support now local made products on a small scale. After 2020, we said No to depend on others to live. Therefore the CASOL fashion collection made in house started. To give you a unique tshirt, the highest quality with a detailed control, pride of the work, to never depend again on other governments, and to protect the environment with less logistics, each step of your Casol tshirt has been made for you by our family and local trusted partners. Everything, from the idea, to the design, buying of the fabrics, transports, cutting, sewing, printing, packaging, marketing, eCommerce, selling, all the way to your first class client service. Thank you for being part of this adventure! Your presence is really appreciated!

What also makes it special? To give you confidence and power, we printed the Casol Lion logo designed in 2009 by Japanese artist Setsuko Fukuzawa.

Tested for battle at the Mickaël Casol martial arts club but also for high class at the office, and in exclusive destinations, your tshirts are made with the European IMA-GINE superior cotton-lycra knit, with a smooth hand and premium weight of 200 to 220 gm2, giving you confidence with a comfortable and flexible feeling.

Eco-friendly using fiber reactive dye to make it safe and gentle on the skin, your Casol luxury tshirts are equally great for meeting important clients in town, family moments at the mountain or for fashionistas enjoying an afternoon with music at the swimming pool near the beach!

Need a gift for a client, his birthday, the holidays or to celebrate a special event? Every men love to receive their CASOL white tshirts, always practical and a la mode!

The Casol Lion

In 2009, Mickaël Casol, founder of CASOL and martial arts master, and his fiancée Noriko Emen, herself a Buddhist, wanted to capture the spirit of the warrior in an image. Created by Japanese artist Setsuko Fukuzawa, the lion is inspired by the armor of Alexander the Great's father, King Philip of Macedonia. If you watch carefully in Rome, you will also find water fountains with lion heads, a legacy of the Roman Empire, and Italian ancestors of the Casol family. The Lion : symbol of power, courage and respect.


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