CASOL White Tshirt with Navy Blue Embroidery

$185 USD

• White Ima-Gine 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex Solid
• CASOL embroidery in Navy Blue at the heart level with Polyester thread
• Made in house in Montreal, Canada by a team of fashion artisans
• Wash machine
• Dry on white plastic hanger and not in machine to keep high quality
• Delivery within 30 days
• Includes Free Shipping and Taxes

Your essential fashion must have for your perfect vacations, work or sports activities? Buy now your white tshirts with CASOL embroidered in Navy Blue! For men, women and children, they will make everyone happy with their eco-friendly comfortable cotton, chic design and made in house in Montreal, Canada by your Casol team of fashion artisans!

Tested for battle at the Mickaël Casol martial arts club but also for high class at the office, and in luxury destinations, your tshirts are made with the European IMA-GINE superior cotton-lycra knit, with a smooth hand and premium weight of 200 to 220 gm2, giving you confidence with a comfortable and flexible feeling.

Eco-friendly using fiber reactive dye to make it safe and gentle on the skin, even for children, your Casol luxury tshirts are equally great for meeting important clients at the restaurant, family moments at the cinema or for fashionistas enjoying an afternoon with music at the swimming pool!

My Casol tshirts made in Montreal, Canada

Combining the power of vision, team work and logistics, your Casol tshirts are designed by Dora, the mother of Noriko Emen-Casol, born in Panama, with over 50 years of experience in couture. Dora designs, buys the fabric, then brings it to Reina, also a latin american couturière, who makes your tshirts. The pieces are then sent to Marisa, from Portugal, mother in a very important fashion house, for your CASOL embroidery. The last step happens at the Casol home where quality control is made, and your tshirts are packaged with the legendary Lion logo, ready to be shipped to you to celebrate around the world!

The Story behind your Casol tshirts

"Since I was singing with the group Gentlemen, 20 years ago, I had the dream of having our own collection of high quality tailor made tshirts. After the challenging years 2020, and 2021, in May 2022 I asked Dora to make us tshirts made locally in Montreal, to control all the steps of production, and not depend on no one, the same way my grand-parents would grow and sell their own fruits and vegetables at their farm in France, even during World War 2. " : Mickaël Casol.


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