Halloween Party

October 27, 2018

Noriko Casol and her friends Cristina Hernandez and Rihèm Boudelal, dancing at the Halloween party at Bar George organized by Karl Meche and Lino Lozza on the Saturday October 27, 2018 in Montreal, Canada!

BCF Lawyer Joel Sheuerman talking with Mickaël Casol, with friends Rihèm Boudelal dancing and Cristina Hernandez passing by.

Love Music?

Celebrate life with Casol! 3 villas with great sound systems to play music with your friends during your vacations in the Caribbean!

Villa Wine Note, St-Barth

Wine Note

St-Jean Beach, St-Barts, Caribbean
10 Guests, 5 Bedrooms
From $2,546 / night

Villa Joy, St-Barth


Marigot, St-Barts, Caribbean
12 Guests, 6 Bedrooms
From $5,586 / night

Villa Axel Rocks, St-Barth

Axel Rocks

Gustavia, St-Barts, Caribbean
8 Guests, 4 Bedrooms
From $4,107 / night

Mademoiselle is going to Saint-Barth? Offer yourself a Carré Casol, perfect as a pirate beach bandana or for your chic soirées in town!

Mickael Casol, Swimming

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